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City approves construction of new lawn bowling green

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

True Draw of Australia is a specialist in artificial bowls surfaces.

​Excitement abounds in Asheville as City Council approves $447,000 plus a contingency of $19,727 for a total of $466,727 for the renovation of the lawn bowling green at Carrier Park. The new artificial green is not just a replacement of the existing carpet, but a complete rebuild from the ground up. The current green of 110-feet square will be replaced with a 121-feet green that is playable in both directions. True Draw of Australia has been chosen to manufacture and install the needle-punch carpet, working in conjunction with the general contractor, Graham County Land Company, LLC. Construction is tentatively set for February-April 2018. (Update: Early August is now a more realistic time for project completion.)

Nearly two years of careful planning will result in a world-class facility for Asheville

The need for a new green is apparent as the current green is plugged and drains very slowly. The water also indicates depressions in what should be a totally flat surface.

bowlers that will be enjoyed for years to come. Tournaments will attract bowlers from around the region and country to come and bowl on this state-of-the-art green. Continued from home page: ...The meticulous preparations resulted in 327 pages of specifications that were sent out for bid. The cost for Asheville’s green are arguable high due to the green’s location in a floodplain that results in increased engineering and drainage expenses. In addition to a new playing surface, project improvements include accessible sidewalk, storm drainage, signage, and general site renovations.

A huge thank you needs to go to club President, Bill Stoermer, who spearheaded the club’s initiative, monitored progress, communicated expertly, and doggedly pursued every detail. And, most certainly and with great appreciation, a big thank you goes to the Parks and Recreation staff in the City of Asheville and CDC Engineering for their tireless efforts in support of this project that resulted in a positive decision by City Council. As Asheville’s tagline says: “It’s time to play your game!”

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