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Announcement - No Face Covering Bowling Protocols

Effective Apr 10--mask and no mask lanes available

Effective Saturday April 10, 2021, ALBC will offer no face covering lawn bowling. We will set up distanced lane(s) for those bowlers who want to bowl with no face covering. All bowlers will still be required to wear a face covering when not at their designated lane. To participate in no face covering bowling, you must be 2 weeks past your single shot J&J vaccine administration or 2 weeks past your second Pfizer/Moderna vaccine administration. We will also return to a normal game routine of delivering the jack, as well as, utilization of the bowl gathering rakes. We do believe this change to be consistent with CDC guidelines, while continuing to participate in best Covid practices, given the still high level of transmission. Hand Sanitizer will be readily available. Thank you. Terry Reincke, club president

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