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Rain slows progress on new green construction

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Over 12 inches of rain has fallen in Asheville during the month of May which has created delays and necessary remedial work in the base level for the new green. The week before the rains began, things were moving along on schedule. Graham County Land had completed the clearing and levelling work before the surface was tested and released by the engineering firm.

The True Draw crew arrived (2 New Zealand, 1 China and 1 Connecticut) ready for work. The ship with the surface materials was mostly on schedule to dock in Charleston early in May. Then the rains started.

As a result of heavy rain over many days, the sub-base became saturated and unstable (see photos). The engineering firm notified GCL that the sub-base was not within spec and needed to be reworked, delaying any work that True Draw could do.

The forecast is for rain to continue until Sat June 3 when a sorely needed dry spell is set to begin. Hopefully drier weather will permit True Draw to lay drainage and build up the base in preparation for the installation of the synthetic surface (bowls carpet). Fingers crossed that the new green will be ready for play sometime in August.

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